New four-legged clients receive 50% off their first walk.


WELCOME TO OUR FIRST CLASS DOG SERVICE. If you are tired of having your Buddy’s outing -time shared with other dogs, then you are at the right place. We only provide first-class- individual services for your dog and we promise he/she will be lovingly and individually cared for.


We provide the best service, that is why people choose us.

Our services are not limited to just:

Pet sitting, Vacation care and creating a social media site for your furry-buddy.

We also offer:

Dog Walking

Give Yourself a Break!
Emergency assist – zero notice,
Call us…..


At First Class Dog Service, your dog gets our undivided attention when walked. 

We only walk one dog at a time. (No flee co-mingle), no bites, just one happy dog at a time, who gets 100% individual attention! 

First Class Dog Service is committed to make you smile and your dog happy. We take every step with enthusiasm, energy and the commitment to treat your dog right.

Running late…. again……….. don’t stress, call First Class Dog Service, we can help you

Working late? or are you taking a biz-trip? Don’t worry, we provide your pet with first class care. If it’s a rainy day we can provide your dog with a message/ belly- rub so he/she has a happy smiley day!
Does your dog needs some additional exercise? We can do that. Give yourself a break and call us now!
Our First Class Service will provide you and your pet with a secure, caring and stress-free options.

Dog transportation

Your dog is in the best possible hands! To provide First Class Service and 100% customer satisfaction, that is our goal! We don’t only offer to walk, exercise, pay 100 % individual attention to your dog for as long as you decide it is beneficial for him or her and he or she enjoys the outing.

Every Dog has its day” would a ride in an open, clean jeep count ?

Also, do you need to get your special friend to and from the Groomer? We will be happy to take that time consuming task on for you. Does your dog has a check up scheduled at the Vet? Or do you expect the Vet to stop at your house, but you’re busy?  We can help you out there as well. Give us a call and relax, we’re going to take care of it for you. Additional (special) Service: Would your dog enjoy his/her own social media page? Now that would be cool! 

Choose a service package that fits your budget

Plans for everyone who loves their Dog

Meet & Greet

Free Plan



Affordable Plan


 Paying per each pre-scheduled  walk. 


Smart savings plan


Three pre-paid scheduled walks.

Gift your companion a healthy life.

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